My name's Sara and I'm not comfortable in my own skin. Think what you want of me, but I'm trying to lose weight. Whether I'm doing it for the right or wrong reasons, I'll decide that. I just want to feel beautiful and actually have confidence. I originally made this blog just to track my weight loss. But now, I realize it's more than just that. I'm here to support those who need it and be supported. Don't be shy in asking me anything.

Age: 18 (Birthday on Sept. 3rd)

Height: 5'3"

Highest weight: 167 lbs. (12/12/10)

Starting weight: 156

Current weight: 150 lbs.

Goal weight 1: 155 lbs.

Goal weight 2: 145 lbs.

Goal weight 3: 135 lbs.

Goal weight 4: 130 lbs.

Goal weight 5: 125 lbs.

Goal weight 6: 120 lbs.

Goal weight 7: 115 lbs.

UGW weight: 100-110 lbs.

Progress Blog! Ask for password!

Days Fast Food Free: 3

Days Binge Free: 2

22nd-november: I would like to post my story about my weight and I will, later cuz now my friend is waiting me, we have to go to run :)) Just because you motivated me. You deserve award.. Thank you! <3

<3 This means so much, thank you.

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I&#8217;m back for good. No more random disappearing. Send me numbers to liven up my blog again, to cheer me up a bit.

I’m back for good. No more random disappearing. Send me numbers to liven up my blog again, to cheer me up a bit.

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Anonymous: My mum was diagnosed with cancer at the start of this year <3
she fought it and is going to go get checked soon to see if it came back,
my prayers are with you <3
Stay strong dear <3

We will both get through this.
Praying for you as well. 

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xomarissa-annexo: I'm so sorry to hear about your father. It's a horrible thing when a family member is diagnosed. I know how you're feeling. My grandmother was around 3 years ago. I know you're probably going thru a lot right now with this news, but your father is probably a strong man. He'll get thru this. Just stay positive. You, your family, and your father are in my thoughts and prayers. ♥

Thank you for the hope. I’m glad you stayed strong.

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fulloflightning: I am so, so sorry about your father <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 you have all my love and prayers.

Aww, thanks so much,

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resistalltemptation: i hope you are alright dear with your dad and everything :( stay strong, i am always here if you would like :) xx

Thank you so much. I appreciate it.

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Anonymous: is it true that eating bananas help your boobs grow?

Not that I know of.

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It’s funny how things fall together..

The few weeks I started eating normally and ceased with all the calorie counting and obsession with losing wight, I drop pounds.

I weigh 134 now guys!(:

That’s -3 lbs and I didn’t even try to, I just kept working out.

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My daddy got diagnosed with cancer yesterday.

My heart’s falling apart.

I’m going to take a break from this blog.

I’m still eating healthy, I’m still on track to losing weight.

I just need a break.

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